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About Lumilinelives Bulbs

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  • The Lumiline Bulb is a classic. Users are enthusiastic, almost cult-like...

  • They have not been produced in decades;

  • The inventory of used and new (NewOldStock) is drying up, hard to get, and unreliable;

  • LumiLineLives is a directly replaceable, Patent Pending, LED Lumiline that will outlast and outlive by 30 times and outperform the original;

  • Expect 50,000 hours. that's 47 years at 3 hours per day or 7 years constant on.


  • It looks as good or better and uses 10%-20% of the energy;

  • Similar light warmth; creating a soft glow;

  • Lower wattage with same lighting intensity, about 9 watts per 60-watt equivalent) bulb;

  • An indefinite lifetime as versus only hundreds of hours limited lifetime of old bulbs; each watt of these very highly efficient LED's gets about 87.5 Lumens;

  • Because these bulbs are linear, (except our 360 degree RETRO FilamentLED) the lighting is considerably more efficient than even a round LED bulb...all of the LED's surfaces emit to target, not to each other;

  •  40watt or 60watt or 100+watt equivalent, 10% - 20% of the energy, 120 volt AC (other worldwide voltages available)

  • If you need more bulbs than what we show, let us know, we have hundreds of more bulbs in stock;

  • Upgrade REPLACEMENT. SUPERIOR LUMILINE~LED~LESS $$$ ~LONGEST Life ~SIMILAR Lite...SAVINGS to you; Better efficiency & quality, unmatched two year warranty.

​Lumiline LED Bulbs facts...


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LumilineLives has* THREE additional bulb options*never found in the original...


*1)*   COLOR CHANGING RGB bulb with REMOTE control.

This extremely eye-catching light bulb can be set to over 16 colors at the touch of a button, with 5 different light intensities!    Additionally, the bulbs can effortlessly cycle, smoothly fade, strobe, and flash through every color offering    a complete light show...
(delivery takes a little longer, we have limited stock and sometimes have to produce them on order)


*2)*  Our spectacular RETRO FilamentLED is as close to the original as is possible in an LED, the color is good, the linear look of a filament is impressive, the energy savings, longevity and lack of heat are spectacular features;  A filament look with all the attributes of LED.  

 3)*     Our NEW COB LED ~ TINY no glare LEDs~ Replaces our Non-Linear

NEW GENERATION~COB~LUMILINE~40 or 60 or 100W Equal-Non-Pin-Point~LED Lamp Bulb it is not an ordinary LED lamp-the light is instead produced by hundreds of tiny but powerful LEDs  along the length of the bulb, optionally (but not at extra charge) diffused by the White or Frosted and now new AmberGEL tube filter, thus avoiding the pinpoint LED brilliance.

This bulb has been developed for those Lumiline Users who have had objections or reservations about the linear-look of multiple individual led bulbs right in their face as in vanity mirrors. Our Control Studies have yielded only positive responses and even those most skeptical previously have been very satisfied, this is our newly developed COB Lumiline, the next generation of unobtrusive LEDs. I cannot guarantee that you will like it but I have a strong sense of confidence that you will.

s-l1600 (4) (2).jpg

CUSTOM Ingo Maurer-type Light Sculpture Lamp or Chandelier 


Formerly made with original Incandescent Lumiline bulbs. We are making this Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) beautiful replica with our new Long Lasting LED LumilineLives Bulbs.

New, custom made replica of the original Lumiline Museum of Modern Art exhibit, IF it was made with our LEDs, as this is, it would still be on display in MOMA. Patent Pending


The original incandescent bulbs had a very limited life of 1500 hours if you were lucky...they were technically difficult to replace and now they are virtually impossible to find when they burned out, they just are not available....until now.


Our LED LumilineLives bulbs last 50,000 hours and are easily replaced if needed.


This Lamp/Chandelier geometric sculpture is approximately 18" in all directions, using 6 of large 17.75" LumiLineLives LED bulbs.  Specify Daylight or Warm White.

Since we first started crafting this limited-edition work we have developed newer, more innovative LumilineLives bulbs and can now use these new LED bulbs in this art form...they include:

~~COB technology, using tiny 30+LEDs per inch, extremely bright, yet unobtrusive LEDs along the length of the tube,

~~RGB with remote control bulbs producing any color chosen with the programmable ability to dance, fade, change or do any of 32 functions,

~~Retro FilamentLED, looks very much like the original warm filament bulb but with all the attributes of LED. It is every bit as beautiful as the original... It is available either as a table lamp or a chandelier. As a chandelier it does come with a plate at the end of the cord to attach to your ceiling box. It is dimmable with most dimmers, best with LED dimmers.


... In particular we invite you to commission a chandelier that is twice the size of what we have listed here so that each of the bulbs are 36 inches...

....other images shown may be a generic image representation, rather than the unique item being sold. These sculptures are artistically hand crafted and vary in subtle details from one to another.


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