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 200+/- Lumens;   ~6+/- watts;  ~11 3/4"; ~40 watt Equivalent

 336 Lumens;  ~9 watts;  ~17 3/4";  ~60 watt Equivalent

 672 Lumens;  ~15 watts;  ~17 3/4"  ~100+watt * Equivalent


   * This bright, warm 100+ watt 17.75" bulb was never before available in Lumiline.

   * Our 60 watt was never before available in 11.75" either!


Clear ~ No frosting nor filtering is applied to a clear tube, gives the most light to the target

Frosted ~ Light is subdued & spread.

White ~The most obscuring of the LED elements, it does reduce the Lumen output but provides a smooth pleasant light.

Coated Amber coating ~ warms the LEDs Kelvin color.

Warm GEL ~ (Light, Medium, Dark) We've adapted lighting tricks from the theatre industry to warm up the relatively cooler light that LEDs can produce, particularly useful with our COB bulb.

           ~ or   ~ 

WARM White RGB Color Changing ~ Remote Control


Never before available ~  White-R-G-B ColorChanging with Remote control;
this bulb is a light show, it can glow White or Red or Green or Blue or any color at all in between, it can fade or strobe or any of 32 is a COOL, FUN, GREAT LOOKING feature...This extremely eye-catching light bulb can be set to over 16 colors at the touch of a button, with 5 different light intensities! Additionally, the bulbs can effortlessly cycle, smoothly fade, strobe, and flash through every color offering a complete light show...(delivery takes a little longer, we have limited stock and sometimes have to produce them on order)

The Rolls-Royce of our LED LumiLineLives bulbs is the RETRO FilamentLED .. all the advantages of LED BUT with the original RETRO Filament look...Best with our LightAmberGEL. Our spectacular RETRO FilamentLED is as close to the original as is possible in an LED, the color is good, the linear look of a filament is impressive, the energy savings, longevity, and lack of heat are spectacular features; A filament look with all the attributes of LED.  


Our NEW GENERATION~COB~LED...Bright individual LED's are in a line with hundreds of TINY no glare LEDs so there is no "pinpoint lights", very smooth,

~40 or 60 or 100W Equal-Non-Pin-Point~LED Lamp Bulb. It is not an ordinary LED lamp-the light is instead produced by hundreds of tiny but powerful LEDs along the length of the bulb, optionally (but not at extra charge) diffused by the White or Frosted and now new AmberGEL tube filter, thus avoiding the pinpoint LED brilliance. Guaranteed you'll like it.

CUSTOM Ingo Maurer-type Light Sculpture Lamp or Chandelier formerly made with original Incandescent Lumiline bulbs. We are making this Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) beautiful replica with our new Long Lasting LED LumilineLives Bulbs.

New, custom made replica of the original Lumiline Museum of Modern Art exhibit,  IF it was made with our LEDs, as this is, it would still be on display in MOMA. Patent-Pending


Additional Information:

(Dmbl) Dimmable LEDs require a special driver (power supply) in order to be dimmable. Optional Choice.

These are a Direct Replacement LED high-efficiency replacement of the old, discontinued Lumiline Bulb creating a soft glow.

LumiLineLives LED bulbs, are made to exactly fit into the original Luminline sockets and while they are as good or better than the original with approximately the same warmth and lumens, because of the new technology they do look different, but not in a bad way, than the originals they are replacing.


When one bulb burns out, you really should replace all bulbs at the same time so that all bulbs look the same. Mixing "used" bulbs with "new" bulbs (or mixing brands) will each look different...some will be dimmer, some a different shade of color.

And, when one bulb is at the end of life, the other will be near its end of life too. Keep good working "used" bulbs as emergency spares.


Integral Internal Power Supply, just plug it in just like the original...nothing more to buy, now you don't have to redesign or retrofit your bathroom, living room, office, store fixture, jukebox, store display, or furniture application. 


These are long tubular LED, they do not fit fluorescent lamps & do not work in fluorescent fixtures.

These lamps are for Lumiline Fixtures ONLY. We can supply new fixtures. 

It requires your old end caps which are saved when your old non-working Lumilines are discarded.


If you no longer have the end caps or if this is for a new installation, end caps are available for an additional $25.50 per.

LumiLineLives is the SOLE manufacturer of these updated replacements of an otherwise irreplaceable, currently unavailable, popular vintage incandescent linear lighting system. We have fixtures too, for new installations.

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