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Classic Lumiline Bulbs Haven’t Been Made since the 1970’s


Lumiline bulbs were popular in the early 1900’s.  Though Lumiline lights closely resemble much more common fluorescent tubes, they are actually very different! Like fluorescent bulbs, Lumiline lights are long, white and thin, but they don’t have pins on either side like a fluorescent.

They came in 20 watt, 30 watt, and 40 watt models, as well as several different lengths. They are typically found in classic light fixtures in older homes, and people love them for the soft, even glow they provide in bathrooms, kitchens and more.



In the mid-1900’s fluorescent lights gained popularity due mainly to the fact that they ran cool (but they have other issues like the use of harmful gasses, un-natural light and glass casing).   As the demand for Lumiline bulbs decreased, all the companies that made them ceased production. To this day there are still MANY lumiline fixtures in existence leaving owners only two options.   The first is to search for old bulbs that were never used, or to replace the hardware on their fixtures.  Both options were costly, unreliable and time-consuming.

Making LumiLineLives bulbs


Around 2013, Gene Maiorano was working on renovations at a house in upstate NY.  The customer was commenting on the Lumiline fixture he had and loved, but could no longer find the needed replacement bulbs.  Hearing this, Gene, having a background in engineering, went back to his shop… and LumiLineLives was born.  The resulting bulb was much better than the original Lumiline bulbs.  He replaced the glass housing with acrylic and the filament with LEDs.  These bulbs last longer, use less energy, don’t have glass that can break, run cool, and have the same warm glow.

Since release, there has been an enthusiastic, overwhelming demand.   As well as countless private users, the bulbs have been sold to museums,  Tavern-on-the-Green in New York City,  a Frank Lloyd Wright House in Indiana,  Hearst Castle in California among many other hi-end venues.

The bulbs continue to be improved upon, and the line expands with innovative additions.

LumiLine LIVES!!

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