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Obsolete Lumiline?
Problem Solved!!!



Hand crafted and can be custom made

Modern Technology. Exact fit for old Lumiline sockets

Integral Internal Power Supply

LumiLineLives are the only NEW bulbs made for OLD Lumiline fixtures 

Just when you thought there were no replacements, we have the solution you've been searching for.  Our PATENT PENDING LumiLineLives LED bulbs offers you PERFECT Lumiline bulbs!
LumiLineLives Bulbs Features:
–  Compatible with original Lumiline fixtures.
–  Indefinite lifetime LED ...
          50,000 hours vs 1,500 hours of original incandescent Lumiline.
          that's 47 years at 3 hours per day or 7 years constant on.
–  Same warm soft glow ... Choose the warmth (Kelvin)...
              Standard 3,000K or Amber coating,  warm GEL,  RETRO FilamentLED,  AmberCOB/GEL
–  Less power consumption,
          15% for similar light lumens.


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