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Created in 1970, this sensational modern chandelier has six lighted tubes connected and held in tension by insulated wires. We have created the perfect replica sculpture to celebrate the genius.

Featured in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City, these bulbs last 30 times longer than the original Filament-type bulbs, supplying up to 50,000 hours of warm luminescent lighting .



Technical specification:

Light tubes:
6 LED units, @12volt
600/800/1000 Lumens each
Dimmable:  Optional
1" Tubes size:
8” / 11.75” / 17.75” - standard  bulbs 


18" or 36” - or custom length by order

This 18" example price is only $950

Tube Transparency:
White/frosted/clear - typical
Other colors-custom
Power consumption:
120volts/50-60hz at ceiling power supply, 12v-dc at Chandelier.
100volts-240volts -optional
(360 (18")  or 600 (36") watts equivalent light)

MoMA Chandelier

Sales Tax Included |
  • We can custom make those for you. 

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