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Continuous filament look because of tiny LED applied in a continuous strip rather than pinpoint lights as in Models 3528 & 5050.


If you aren’t looking for COB, stick with this other format. Here is a description.

Due to less components in the LED chip , the thermal conductivity is directed at the circuit board and without traditional LED chip packaging structure, research shows that an average of 25% less heat is emitted from the LED chip. Less heat means much higher efficiency rate and lower failure rates.

Spot soldering is no longer necessary as the chip is built directly on to the circuit board, less welding points means less chances of failure. PC lenses and other traditional LED packaging parts are also no longer needed, therefore light visibility range is increased and light loss from lenses are decreased substantially. All these factors are important to ensure a long lasting LED chip.

COB LEDs are an integrated package. With less spacing between the LED chips , a much wider surface can be covered by the COB LED’s light beam with less glare. CRI is increased due to the wider beam angle.

COB 17.75"

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  • weight: 0.5 lbs

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