Comes in  60, 100 watts, 100 watts dimmable and white, frosted and clear. 

CLEAR: No Coating on the bulb tube. LED’s are visible.

WHITE: This type of light bulb is very popular nowadays since this approach won’t affect surrounding colors resulting to a natural but lighter environment. Finely powdered white silica is the main ingredient in this type of coating and is applied inside the bulb. This process is better than “frosted“ in terms of diffusing light so this type of light bulbs will be brighter while minimizing shadows.

FROSTED:The resulting light after the application of this coating is softer and much more pleasant to the eyes. It may appear that the bulb’s illuminating power is reduced in the process but it actually remains the same because the emitted light is only diffused and not blocked.

17.75" Premium Tube

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  • These are LED high-efficiency replacements of the discontinued Lumiline Bulbs;
    LumilineLives LED  bulbs, are made to exactly fit into the original Luminline sockets.

    Weight: 4oz